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How to Successfully Forecast on Amazon
How To Successfuly Forecast On Amazon

Webinar Overview & Highlights

Success on Amazon and across Retail Media platforms requires more expertise than ever before: full-funnel metrics, a holistic understanding of your audience 👨, not to mention a nimble operations strategy 🎯.

We teamed up with Tinuiti and some of the leading marketplace experts for a two-day virtual conference, 2022 Amazon & Retail Media Virtual Summit to explore and analyze the current landscape, trends 📊, and future of retail media 📣. Our very own, Grace O' Hara covered every aspect of Amazon forecasting, from demand planning 🤔 to identifying challenges, to redefining strategies for more increased accuracy 📊.

Webinar Speakers
Grace O Hara
Grace O' Hara Sales Business Development
Kerry Mallett
Kerry Mallett Senior Content Specialist, Webinar
Helene Pinkerton
Helene Pinkerton Senior Account Manager

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