Skubana + Walmart integration brings order to e-commerce

Written by Chad Rubin | Mar 9, 2017 5:00:00 PM

The Skubana + Walmart integration enables e-commerce sellers who want to expand to Walmart do so with ease. It'll allow you to track inventory, monitor analytics, organized shipping, and streamline other operational processes to save you time and money. Here's a little more information about the offering.

Walmart has been a retail giant for years. No physical retailer has been able to come close to it’s size and scale, partly due to Walmart's superior supply chaim management. However, with the recent advances in technology and changes in consumer behaviour, Walmart shifted its focus to Internet sales and acquired two major key players; and Shoebuy, to compete with e-commerce powerhouse Amazon.

They also recently made waves in retail shipping when they discontinued a subscription program that gave members a Walmart free two-day delivery guarantee. Instead, it makes this service available to all customers. Anyone who shops on Walmart can enjoy delivery to their homes within two days at no extra cost for a minimum purchase of $35. Moreover, If they have the products delivered to a local Walmart store, customers don’t need to meet the minimum purchase amount.

There's speculation that this latest move was made to undercut Amazon Prime. Walmart is aggressively making the right moves to gain more customers and make more sales. So, if you’re not selling on this marketplace, you should consider starting.

The Skubana-Walmart Integration

Even though Walmart isn't equal to Amazon when it comes to sales and revenue, it's quickly growing and a great place to sell online. It’s massive consumer base and continuous improvements has great potential to attract loyal customers.

With an online marketplace as huge as Walmart, it is essential to always have the right system in place. With Skubana, you’ll be able to keep track of your available stock no matter the sales channel, providing you an accurate picture of your inventory in real-time and across marketplaces.

  • It deactivates relevant listings when product run out of stock to avoid overselling, and your sales channels will reflect whatever remains in your stock every time.
  • Use analytics to get an overall picture of how your business is operating or to find opportunity for improvements.
  • Get to know which products sells and what doesn’t.
  • Take advantage of the auto-generated purchase orders so you don’t have to worry about re-ordering from your vendor.
  • Skubana constantly monitors your sales velocity for each product, and automatically creates purchase orders for you, saving you from making mistakes that could, more often than not, affect your business.

How to Integrate Skubana with Walmart 

For general instructions on adding a sales channel to Skubana, see Adding Sales Channels.

IMPORTANT! Before everything else, you need to obtain your Consumer ID and Private Key from Walmart Partner Portal (clicking My Profile in the top right corner of the main Partner Portal page), or by contacting Walmart directly.

Once you have your Consumer ID and Private Key on hand, follow the procedure below to authorize Skubana's integration with your Walmart Partner account.

1. On the New Sales Channel window, select Walmart from among the various channels.

2. On the Walmart Integration window, enter your Consumer ID and Private Key, then click Verify Integration to test your connection.

3. Once a message that the integration has been verified appears, click Finish to close the Walmart Integration window. On the Sales Channel page, you will see Walmart added to your sales channels.

For a more detailed guide to the Walmart marketplace, please check out our ultimate guide right here.

Aside from it's huge customer base and online presence, another selling point of Walmart is it’s ability to adapt to their customers. As technology goes mainstream, it embraces the tools its customers are using every day, keeping up with the social, mobile and the startup spirit. You can definitely benefit from Walmart’s focus and investment in e-commerce and this is the best time to get yourself on-board.

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