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Skubana and Shopify Integration Enables E-Commerce Optimization

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Going multi-channel is one of the key ingredients for e-commerce success. You need to cover all of your bases to win the game, and in this day and age selling exclusively on Amazon or eBay just isn't enough.

Your target audience is all over the Internet, so to stay competitive you must be as well. If you restrict your operations to one market, you're putting yourself at the mercy of that channel. Your business will be at risk, because all of your revenue is coming from one place that you don't own.

Spreading out across channels will give you multiple revenue streams, which means you won't be overly dependent on any one.

We're here to help you maximize profits and grow your e-commerce empire, which is why we're introducing our Shopify integration.

What you can do with our Shopify integration

Multi-marketplace selling is a smart move, but it can get overwhelming if not handled properly. The Skubana + Shopify integration allows you to manage and organize data from your Shopify account, and sync everything in one central system.

This integration makes your sales, inventory, and analytics clear in one convenient dashboard, without the need for error-ridden manual data entry/transfer.

Optimize Shopify inventory management to leverage your inventory across all channels, so you’ll have faster order fulfillment, minimize sell outs and prevent lost sales due to backorders and other fulfillment delays. The integration will help you make better decisions with automated purchase order creation based on past product sell-through. You can also keep your customers happy with customized packing slips and return labels.

With real-time, up-to-date information on sales, payments and others, Skubana and Shopify can work together to drive much better results. You can also use Skubana's cross-channel analytics to discover your most profitable products to sell on Shopify.

How to set it up

Log on to your Shopify store before performing the integration procedure below:

To Add a Shopify Store as a Sales Channel:

1. On the New Sales Channel popup, select Shopify from the various channels.

2. On the Shopify Integration page, enter your Shopify domain name and click Launch Shopify Authorization to be redirected to Shopify.


3. Once inside Shopify, click Install App.


Once the app is installed, you are redirected back to Skubana, where you will see Shopify added to your sales channels. Please also note that Skubana pushes inventory out every 15 minutes, ensuring that Skubana and your Shopify store will have matching inventory for the same product.

Diversify with Shopify

Shopify is an amazing channel for e-commerce, just remember to research your best options and then optimize your processes to keep things organized and running smoothly. For more info, check out our guide on the best Shopify apps

Learn more about this integration or email us at for more information.

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