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Sell direct-to-everywhere™, automate labor-intensive operations, and grow with actionable data.

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How does Skubana help Shopify-based operations?

Click through the sections below to see where our software makes a difference for your e-commerce business.

  • Real-time inventory
  • Rapid Integration
  • Manage Complexity
  • Erase Redundancies
  • All channels in check
  • Bundle and track
  • Speed up fulfillment
  • Using real data, not dated spreadsheets, across all channels for consistent metrics
  • Set inventory allocations on percent of available inventory to show on a per sales channel basis when a SKU is either above or below its overall inventory minimum.
  • Show a percentage of your available inventory to prevent overselling.
  • Optimize inventory displayed on each channel to create scarcity and drive more sales

Product stock
  • The three-click Skubana + Shopify integration allows you to manage and organize data from your Shopify account, and sync everything in one central system.
  • This integration makes your sales, inventory, and analytics clear in one convenient dashboard, without the need for error-ridden manual data entry/transfer.
  • Make better decisions with automated purchase order creation based on past product sell-through. You can also keep your customers happy with customized packing slips and return labels.
  • Stop stitching together software, complicated workflows, and inconsistent data.
  • Place everything you need to manage operations for your Shopify store and other channels under one roof.
  • Get real-time visibility and supply chain management that supports movement across warehouses and channels.
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Manual data entry, spreadsheets, and point solutions clog operations. With Skubana:

  • Execute nearly any task pertaining to orders, inventory, and fulfillment across channels with Orderbots
  • Optimize rate shopping with Skubana's automated order routing
  • Automate picking the cheapest shipping rate or the best rate based on distance, anticipated delivery date, and price.
  • Cross-channel reporting with detailed data on revenue, order, and units sold.
  • Respond to new orders rapidly and accurately.
  • Get real-time syncing to maintain control as your sales volume increases across multiple channels.
  • Grasp all of your inventory in a single view and update data to quickly reflect on all of your channels.

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  • Product bundling across parent-child product kits, bundles and broad component tracking
  • Automatically calculate the maximum quantity possible for each bundle and kit using core products and any pre-packaged inventory
  • View inventory values on a per SKU, per warehouse basis for all bundle/kits
  • Always know exactly how and where each on-hand inventory total for a bundle/kit is calculated from
  • Breakdown orders for Bundle/Kit Products and multi-channel fulfill the orders

new bundle kit
  • Add multiple in-house warehouses and 3PLs with automatic shipping and return labels, for the speediest deliveries
  • Create and Rank multiple pick locations per SKU per warehouse to receive POs and fulfill orders.
  • Manage multiple FNSKU’s for one master SKU. Skubana will allow you to set your preferred FNSKU for multi-channel fulfillment.
  • Pick, re-stock and maintain inventory quantities by scanning barcodes through our Barcoders partner in our App Store.
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