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What is an order management system (OMS)?

An order management system (OMS) is special software that’s designed to track sales, customer orders, inventory levels, and order fulfillment through efficient and cost-effective processes. Modern order management systems are truly multi-dimensional and impact nearly every aspect of the ecommerce landscape — from your sales channels and order status to your warehousing workflow and product lifecycle throughout the supply chain.
Using an OMS is the best way for retailers to maintain inventory visibility, and to guarantee a positive customer experience by consistently delivering accurate and on-time orders.

How an order management system helps business efficiency

Today’s customers have high expectations once they share their credit card details; they want their entire order to arrive in less than two days (and sometimes even quicker). The only way for stores to avoid backorders and keep up with this demand is by partnering with a proficient OMS.
Order management tools improve efficiency and enhance functionality by synchronizing stock levels from multiple channels, and forecasting for potential fluctuations in order volume. With advanced order management solutions, your business can coordinate its core operational functions, and oversee every stage of the order fulfillment process from just one system.

Order Orchestration Rules

Ready to save a tremendous amount of time? How about reducing the opportunity for manual errors? For every order processed by Skubana, an orderbot can automatically apply routing directions and pick/pick/ship instructions. Whether you use a 3PL or your own warehouse, Skubana automates the release of orders and instructions.

  • Execute any task pertaining to orders, inventory, and fulfillment across channels
  • Optimize rate shopping with Skubana's automated order routing
  • Automate rate selection based on distance, anticipated delivery date, and price.
Faster order processing

From faster turnaround times to increasing efficiency to reducing the number of human errors, Skubana is the key to enhancing your order fulfillment. And the best part is, even if you’re not well-versed in ecommerce fulfillment, you're sure to make you feel like an expert.

Thanks to advanced tools and capabilities management, all of your order routing, picking, and packing can be completed in considerably less time — and with much less difficulty on your part.

inventory rules
All Channels in Check

Skubana provides cross-channel reporting with detailed data on revenue, order, and units sold. You and your team can respond to new orders rapidly and accurately thanks to real-time syncing.

inventory rules channel allocation-1
  • See the multi-channel landscape–channels, warehouses and products–in one spot
  • Allocate a percent of inventory to show on a per sales channel basis
Bundle Breakdown

With Skubana, you can split bundled products within an order into it's individual core components. The platform automatically calculates the maximum quantity possible for each bundle and kit using core products and any pre-packaged inventory.

new bundle kit
  • Product bundling across parent-child product kits, bundles & broad component tracking.
  • View inventory values on a per SKU, per warehouse basis for all bundle/kits
  • Always know exactly how and where each on-hand inventory total for a bundle/kit is calculated fro

When you can ship items just a few hours after they’re ordered, customer confidence is known to increase exponentially. With the right software, you can optimize the time between a customer’s purchase and the order’s fulfillment, and make sure the receiving, packaging, and shipping of said order happens with maximum efficiency.

lifetime value
  • Deliver better experiences with fewer backorders, less channel conflict, and faster delivery
  • Track customer activities to detect trends, improve the experience, find ways to engage, and increase sales.
  • Monitor the value of your highest order value customers by sales and total items purchased


Order management system features to grow your business

If you’re a small business or midsize company who’s eager to scale, look no further than the order management software from Skubana. By teaming up with Skubana, your brand can enjoy both order management and omnichannel inventory management within one customer-centric system.

Skubana knows order management is essential to ecommerce growth, which is why we’ve created innovative ERP software to meet a wide range of your business needs.

Skubana features a wealth of automations to streamline your multichannel distribution, organize your inventory allocation, and simplify your order processing and routing in real-time.

skubana dashboard
Order Splitting

Split fulfillment of your orders based on inventory availability across warehouses or product labels.

skubana dashboard
Automate your operations

Skubana's powerful automation tools proactively generate POs and forecasts, identify the best shipping rates, and find new opportunities for cost cutting and profitability–all by themselves! Beyond eliminating human error, they also save you valuable human time.Track pricing, MOQ, and lead times for each supplierAutomatically generate purchase ordersRestock and fulfill orders across marketplaces

skubana dashboard
Multichannel support

Achieving flawless multichannel operations might be easier than you think — if you have a proficient inventory management software in place. Skubana’s management solutions make scaling your ecommerce business much less daunting, by synchronizing order, inventory, and profitability data across all channels, within one convenient dashboard.

skubana dashboard
Perpetual updates

If an inventory management system features perpetual updates, it means the program is being refreshed around the clock, and generating the most accurate information available. Since perpetual updates are happening in real-time, they continually provide the latest inventory counts, and indicate which products or SKUs are in stock at any point.

skubana dashboard
Analytics and reporting

With quality analytics and reporting, not only can you understand your business performance and customer habits, but you can get clarity around your cost of goods, your working capital, and your ongoing replenishment. A good inventory software, like Skubana, presents this data in an applicable and accessible way, so you can easily leverage it to your advantage.

skubana dashboard
Data Integration

When you’re using a variety of management tools to run your ecommerce business, it’s important your inventory data is connected to each of the backend platforms you use. Skubana’s inventory software is frequently integrated with warehouse management, accounting software, asset tracking, POS systems, and popular marketplaces for superior functionality.

skubana dashboard
Top ecommerce brands trust Skubana

For years, Skubana has been helping businesses create better customer experiences with industry-leading management solutions. That’s because Skubana’s cutting-edge software has the automations and advancements companies need to improve their supply chain across the board.

The following are just three examples of how Skubana has helped top ecommerce brands to scale up, cut costs, and streamline their operations at the same time.

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“It sounds salesy, but I point to Skubana as one of the best decisions we've made in the last year, and the key to our success. Not only have we scaled 10X in a matter of months, but we're navigating a completely different inbound and outbound supply chain. Skubana has been able to scale alongside us from an order volume perspective, and helped us onboard a new 3PL in lightning-fast time.” — Justin Allen, Tushy COO and co-founder

While Tushy’s bidets have been on the market for a few years, the nationwide shortage of toilet paper in spring 2020 caused an unprecedented surge in their online sales (ensuing a six-week wait for backorders). Skubana played a crucial role in supporting Tushy through a major shift in their fulfillment process, by providing greater order control, cleaner reorder points, 3PL recommendations, and reducing their order lead times by half.

checkmark Flexibility
checkmark Speed to Implement
checkmark Integrations


"As the business has grown, they've increased complexity and the need to shift tactics rapidly. Skubana is able to interpret data coming from Shopify, Amazon, and three different 3PLs, and quickly change order rules. We're changing all the time — for example, which warehouse will fulfill which item. Without Skubana, I would have to work with all of the 3PLs individually; but with Skubana, I just click and it changes." — Luciana Fistarol, Boldify Operations Manager

Two years ago, Boldify was preparing to scale their beauty and personal care brand, so they went looking for an intuitive inventory and order management solution. They needed a platform that could immediately plug into their Amazon and Shopify channels, and future-proof inventory for wholesale channels like Target. Skubana knew exactly how to handle Boldify’s inventory dilemmas, and delivered pre-built integrations that worked seamlessly for their ongoing growth.

Channels and Warehouses
Replenishment and fulfillment
with analytics

Death Wish Coffee

“While we’re sleeping, Skubana is crunching large volumes of moving data in real-time, and always calculates the right quantity at the right time. It automates half of our operations and accurately informs the rest. Since we’ve integrated Skubana, we’ve yet to oversell one single item.” — Dustin Alexander, Death Wish Coffee Logistics Manager

When Death Wish Coffee won a 30-second commercial during 2016’s Super Bowl, they understandably saw a huge spike in sales; the only downside was, they didn’t have the systems in place to handle it all. Skubana helped the company put an end to overselling, and now, with one warehouse, two 3PLs, dozens of flash sales, ample product kitting, and thousands of orders fulfilled, Death Wish is the epitome of operational efficiency.

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Channels Skubana.Wordmark.RGB.Black 25px
Amazon 120%
Shopify 67%
Shopify POS 35%
Skubana works with your existing order management process

There’s no sense in onboarding with an OMS that isn’t compatible with your existing order management process — and that’s why Skubana readily integrates with the other apps and software you currently use. In fact, Skubana offers tons of integrations with supplemental systems: warehouse management, accounting software, CRM programs, and the most popular marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, eBay) to boost your productivity (as well as your profitability).
Skubana works in tandem with these ecommerce platforms to provide your company with the most intuitive and customizable order and inventory management software available.

Sales Channels
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Amazon inventory management with Skubana lets users automatically update their inventory each time a product is sold or returned, removing a significant amount of manual work and the potential for countless errors. With Skubana for Amazon, you can easily track your inventory levels, orders, and deliveries originating from all of your Amazon sales channels.

B2B Gateway

B2B Gateway provides fully-managed EDI and API connectivity solutions, by integrating data from backend systems and allowing the exchange of information across trading partners. With B2B Gateway, businesses can enjoy the seamless sharing of documents like purchase orders, work orders, invoices, inventory updates, and even advanced shipping notices.


BigCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce shopping carts available today. This tool allows merchants to set up online stores, add products and shipping options, and accelerate business growth with ease. When BigCommerce teams up with Skubana, retailers can also sync their inventory and order tracking information so their store is always up-to-date.


eBay is a global marketplace that’s best known for its auctions and C2C sales. Anyone can open up an eBay account for free, and then sell or purchase items as they see fit. If you use your eBay account as a sales channel, you can integrate with Skubana to automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks, and maximize your profits across your growing ecommerce empire.

Ebridge Connections

eBridge Connections gives users the ability to connect accounting or ERP software with EDI trading partners, CRM applications, and other supply chain management solutions. This software encourages bi-directional communication between your ecommerce and ERP systems to help you save time, eliminate costly errors, and run your business more effectively overall.


eZCom is a leading provider of SaaS for EDI and ecommerce, and is most commonly used for supply chain management. The eZCom platform offers native integrations with ERPs, 3PLs, WMS, and inventory management systems. Using eZCom along with Skubana, merchants can seamlessly exchange data and eliminate errors associated with manual entry.


JOOR is the premier digital solution for wholesale management, having put the entire buying process online to make wholesale smoother and smarter for brands and retailers alike. When JOOR and Skubana work together, users can access essential metrics, leverage trends, and take advantage of a consistent flow of data to keep both systems in sync.

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed is on a mission to help small businesses run as efficiently as possible, by providing easy-to-navigate point of sale products for retail stores and restaurants. The tools from Lightspeed have been specifically designed around the realities business owners face while managing multiple locations, thanks to powerful (yet simple) operational solutions.


Magento Commerce empowers thousands of brands and ecommerce businesses to spur on their innovation and growth. Magento boasts a strong portfolio of cloud-based omnichannel solutions including in-store, retail associate, and order management technologies. Integrating Magento with Skubana allows these two to work as a single system, so they can quickly simplify your order flow and sync all of your important data or metrics.


Newegg is an online shopping destination for computer hardware and consumer electronics; in fact, Newegg is the largest online-only retailer of consumer electronics in the United States. The Newegg platform can be added as a sales channel in Skubana, so merchants have an all-in-one solution to automate order management, inventory, analytics, purchase orders, and accounting. 


Shopify’s integration with Skubana allows ecommerce businesses to manage and organize inventory data from a Shopify account, and sync everything into one central system. This merger makes your sales, inventory, and analytics accessible within one unified dashboard, eliminating the need for error-ridden manual entry and data transfer.

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a user-friendly system that helps merchants deliver superior retail experiences. Using Shopify POS, business owners can unify in-store and online sales, accept payments, track inventory, and foster customer relationships. And with the Shopify integration for Skubana, you’ll enjoy real-time, up-to-date information on sales, payments, and so much more.

SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce provides a range of cloud-based supply chain management solutions, and connects trading partners from around the world to optimize any number of supply chain processes. The benefits of SPS Commerce far exceed EDI, and can actually enhance visibility, collaboration, and communication to help users thrive in today’s digital retail world.

VL Omni

VL OMNI is a point-to-multipoint iPaaS solution for agile data integration. With the VL OMNI platform, merchants can connect their ecommerce, CRM, EDI, and ERP systems or applications all in one place. This cloud-based software is able to significantly extend the reach (and visibility) of your business, but without sacrificing on scalability or compromising your growth.


Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and discount department stores from the U.S. The Skubana and Walmart integration supports ecommerce sellers who want to expand to Walmart in doing so with ease. Whether you fulfill Walmart orders directly or through 3PLs and dropshippers, Skubana’s shipping and order management software handles and automates every fulfillment use case.


Wayfair is an American ecommerce company that sells a variety of furniture and home goods; their digital platform has 14 million items from more than 11,000 global suppliers. Since Skubana makes a great option for high volume merchants, integrating with Wayfair means users have access to any of the order, inventory, and analytics data they might need.


WooCommerce can connect to Skubana in a matter of minutes, and without a single line of code. A 3rd Party integration allows you to automatically send info between Skubana and WooCommerce, so you can sync customer data and order processing in one fell swoop. Using these systems together is the best way to unlock your productivity superpowers in no time at all.

Fulfillment Methods
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Barcoders Quickship

Barcoders QuickShip readily integrates scanners, scales, and label printers into an existing Skubana setup, to support the most efficient workflows for commonly-repeated tasks (i.e. weighing packages, shipping orders, and printing labels). Plus, with QuickShip, shipping labels and packing slips can be printed instantly, without additional programs or interactions.

Bergen Logistics

Bergen Logistics is a leading pick/pack and ecommerce fulfillment warehouse. Their attention is on serving fashion companies as well as cosmetics, soft goods, media, and home furnishing brands. Bergen Logistics has also partnered with Skubana, and has utilized this multichannel inventory software to optimize their inventory management, visibility, and business growth.

Boxzooka Warehouse

Boxzooka’s proprietary warehouse management system provides retailers with real-time views of receipts, orders, and processed returns. Their innovative technology can create kits and bundles on-the-fly, or help build lean operations for larger projects. Boxzooka aims to solve daily operational challenges, and assists its users in exceeding expectations for their business.

DCL Logistics

DCL Logistics is a full-service fulfillment and logistics company, providing direct-to-consumer fulfillment, business-to-retail fulfillment, and other value-added services. This modern 3PL leverages four decades of operational expertise and experience, and its extensive suite of fulfillment services allows brands to scale without sacrificing on quality or customer satisfaction.


Deliverr is an FBA-like fulfillment service for your Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and BigCommerce stores. The fast and affordable fulfillment from Deliverr helps boost sales while reducing order processing time, and can easily integrate with Skubana’s multichannel inventory management system for optimal results and efficiency.


DropStream is an integration platform used by third-party logistics providers to support their online customers. When using DropStream, you can automatically import orders from Skubana to your warehouse, export tracking numbers from your warehouse to Skubana, and sync inventory levels between your warehouse and Skubana, as well.

eFulfillment Service

eFulfillment Service has been helping ecommerce companies succeed for the last twenty years, by providing online sellers with fast, simple, and affordable order fulfillment they can depend on. This 3PL has a strong reputation for helping small and midsize businesses, global brands looking to launch in the U.S., and those working with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).


Fulfillrite is focused on helping you build a successful ecommerce business, by reducing the time and energy you continually use on fulfillment. With the support of Fulfillrite, you can enjoy a smooth, error-free supply chain, and readily remove any obstacles that might block your company from achieving greater sales and increased profits.

Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro is a wholesale technology distribution company that offers I.T. supply chain management, mobile device lifecycle services, and a number of logistics solutions. In general, Ingram Micro assists vendor, reseller, and retailer partners by customizing highly targeted applications for industry verticals, B2B customers, and commercial needs.

JD Logistics

JD Logistics uses their advanced knowledge and expertise to provide smart supply chain and logistics services. This is the only ecommerce platform in the world to provide small-to-medium sized warehousing, oversized warehousing, cross border, cold chain delivery, frozen and chilled warehousing facilities, B2B/B2C fulfillment, and crowdsourcing logistics. 

National Fulfillment Services

National Fulfillment Services offers integrations into a variety of ERP, OMS, and ecommerce cart systems. This software’s API functionalities include real-time availability to inventory stock counts, order status, and shipment confirmation (with tracking information). Users can enjoy B2C fulfillment, B2B fulfillment, customer support services, and more.

Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics is a supply chain solution for ecommerce retailers from ‘dock to doorstep.’ Their focus is primarily on full-service freight management, multichannel order fulfillment, and return management for online orders. When Rakuten is paired with Skubana, merchants have better insight into their operations to then increase their bottom line day by day.

Ruby Has Fulfillment

Ruby Has Fulfillment is a full-service fulfillment provider that walks alongside ecommerce businesses as a committed partner. The Ruby Has platform is a leader in the third-party logistics industry, thanks to its trailblazing technology, seamless integration, and uncompromised commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Scout topShelf

Scout topShelf is a web-based inventory management and warehousing solution that has features to benefit businesses and enterprises of all sizes. By using Scout on any mobile device with an internet connection, business owners can take advantage of this inventory control software from anywhere and everywhere they’re located (not just on-premises).


Shipfusion’s fully-managed and operated warehouses, expert inventory management, and powerful real-time technology let brands focus on fast growth (without all the unnecessary stress). The Shipfusion team is committed to providing ecommerce retailers with a unique fulfillment solution, backed by powerful software and unbeatable customer support.


ShipMonk has a unique 4-in-1 cloud-based software that integrates with existing sales channels to make shipping and fulfillment as simple and streamlined as possible. ShipMonk specializes in helping mid-sized and small businesses scale well, by offering technology-driven fulfillment solutions that let store owners devote more of their time to value-added activities. 


Shipwire is a cloud-based platform to power your worldwide logistics network. This software helps brands drive the next phases of their growth through its global order fulfillment; retailers can use any combination of Shipwire’s warehouses (or their own) to ship internationally and domestically, with on-demand order fulfillment solutions to support B2C and B2B commerce.


ShipBob is a global logistics platform that fulfills ecommerce orders for D2C brands, with a mission to provide best-in-class fulfillment so customers get the fast and affordable shipping they expect. When ShipBob merges with Skubana, operational complexity becomes much more manageable, as users can analyze and automate their order fulfillment in a snap.


Swan Packaging Fulfillment provides pick and pack order fulfillment and packaging assembly services for both direct-to-consumer and B2B customers. With the Skubana integration, Swan users can leverage streamlined multichannel fulfillment across industries, as well as an automated exchange of order information, tracking details, and inventory level updates.


Warwick Fulfillment Solutions is a B2B and B2C fulfillment provider, with expertise spanning product categories from apparel to food. Warwick’s solutions are flexible enough to support both emerging brands and established multichannel sellers. Their warehouse management system maintains inventory at the pallet, outer case, inner case and individual SKU levels.

Alloy Automation

Alloy Automation is a no-code tool that enables online brands to set up automated workflows and eliminate the time-consuming tasks associated with running their stores. This platform offers over 60 integrations between ecommerce apps, to help companies further improve their automations, reclaim their time, and focus on their growth.

Bridgerock Data

Bridgerock Data is on a mission to equip burgeoning, direct-to-consumer brands with the power of data science. The Bridgerock platform helps online retailers harness their data to make critical decisions at every stage of their growth. Their team builds and maintains a users’ data warehouse, and connects this information to tell a cohesive story across the entire business.


CartRover is a cloud-based SaaS system and ecommerce application that pulls orders from your shopping carts and marketplaces and loads them into your Skubana account. From there, CartRover will track inventory information to send to Skubana, and even pick up orders from Skubana and forward them to your specified warehouse or shipping partner.

Communique for Marketplaces

Communique for Marketplaces is the premiere reporting solution for Skubana, providing  business intelligence, analytics, and data mining capabilities to enhance every aspect of your ecommerce business. This application features extensive dashboards with over 100 reports, data analyzers, and pivot tables to aid in both tactical and strategic decision making.


Daasity is the only data analytics platform built exclusively for direct-to-consumer brands, having been created by industry leaders within the ecommerce space. Daasity’s proprietary data model can extract, transform, and aggregate data into a single, unified view, which provides access to accurate and holistic insights that empower brands to drive strategic growth.

Desktop Shipper

DesktopShipper is a shipping software that allows you to reduce postage costs by rate-shopping between a wide selection of partnered carriers. With the DesktopShipper app, users can streamline and automate their shipping processes to build confidence, limit mistakes, and optimize functionality whether they’re creating shipments in batches or one at a time.

Data Automation

DataAutomation is a helpful ecommerce tool for automatically syncing inventory counts, order submissions, and retrieving relevant tracking information. With DataAutomation, users never have to worry about how their dropshipper needs custom data to be sent or retrieved, because this software encompasses customs SKUs, FTP, API, PDF, email, and more.


eDesk is the sole help desk specifically designed to meet the needs of online retailers. The eDesk system organizes easy-to-manage tickets, and combines them with each customer’s order history, message history, and shipping information. What this means is, when you partner with eDesk, you have all the context you need to solve customer issues from a single app. offers integration solutions that enable applications to work together as one, in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. Thousands of ecommerce companies rely on this software to synchronize data, automate processes, and streamline their operations to empower both business users and IT to easily integrate any cloud application.

Inventory Planner

Inventory Planner’s powerful insights and data-driven forecasting puts you in control of your inventory, meaning you can free up capital by clearing out what’s not working for you. With advanced forecasting based on sales trends, you can prioritize what needs to be ordered, create accurate purchase orders, and optimize inventory levels for upcoming promotions.


Loop’s model is based around products that are delivered directly to consumers, while at the same time, empties are picked up, washed, refilled, and restocked for delivery to another customer. This waste-free approach gives people the opportunity to purchase their favorite brands and everyday essentials, but with a sustainable twist that’s better for the environment.


PackageBee integrations automate order fulfillment workflows, by replacing time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. Software from PackageBee lets online sellers and omnichannel merchants connect their stores to warehouses and fulfillment providers, meaning they can avoid the hassle of building and maintaining their own integrations.


ReCharge is a cutting-edge subscription payments platform. This system was designed to support companies looking to launch a subscription business with recurring billing, and has partnered with over 15,000 online merchants to date. Integrating ReCharge with Skubana means sellers can easily create and run customized automations to accelerate their workflows.


Returnly works with ecommerce merchants to give instant credit to shoppers who make returns, and is the only platform that allows customers to receive the right item before returning the wrong one. What’s more, Returnly can readily integrate with Skubana for enhanced functionality and a five-star post-purchase experience within a multichannel landscape.


RFWarehouse from Barcoders offers a turnkey warehouse management solution for Skubana users. With the RFWarehouse app, you’ll be privy to features like item lookup, PO receipts, quantity transfers, label printing, and more. This warehouse system will streamline your operations and eliminate errors, thus creating happy customers and boosting your bottom line.

SMS by Zapier

SMS by Zapier connects with Skubana to make sure you won’t miss out on an important, high-dollar order ever again. With the SMS integration, once an order is created in Skubana, Zapier will filter out all orders under a certain total value, and then send an SMS notification for the order so you never inadvertently delay a priority shipment.


StoreAutomator is a cloud-based listing software that’s been specifically designed for multichannel brands and businesses. StoreAutomator uses advanced multichannel listing functionality with native integrations into Skubana, major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, and shopping carts such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Magento.


StoreReport can help you get control over your inventory data by viewing and exporting reports from your Skubana store. The highlights of StoreReport software include Excel-style data presentation, advanced data grid, easy to find (and fix) order errors, custom data grid layouts, custom fields with custom math, export to Excel, and more. is an independent vendor of the USPS and UPS, and has been approved by the USPS to allow people to buy and print postage online. With more than 650,000 customers, is the leading USPS postage provider in the country, and can even integrate with order management and ecommerce solutions — like Skubana — for greater ease of use.


Streamline is a planning and inventory management solution for businesses who want to maximize return on their capital investment with innovative inventory optimization. Streamline uses forecasting to recommend the right purchase orders at the right time, so you can avoid shortages or excess inventory and place your POs directly with Skubana.


Zapier is an automation tool that connects your various apps and online services. With Zapier, you can join two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. Users can create workflows called Zaps, which merge with apps to complete your most time-consuming tasks (so you can focus on other work).


Zendesk is a web-based help desk support tool that makes it incredibly simple to provide high-level customer support. With the Zendesk integration (powered by Zapier), you can automatically add new Skubana customers to Zendesk and generate tickets whenever a new paid order is placed, thus building better, more personal customer relationships. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Skubana help manage bundles and kits?

Skubana’s order management system can easily assist your business with bundles and kits, so you can make your various SKUs or barcodes more attractive to your customer base. Product bundling and kitting is truly a win-win, since it gives you the ability to lower your pricing, while also making your goods more valuable than your competitors’ listings. When done well, bundles can drive sales, increase optimization, and support customer satisfaction at the same time.

How quickly can a business implement Skubana’s order management system?

Roughly 90% of Skubana’s customers complete OMS implementation within four to six weeks — and many companies finish ahead of that timeline, too. This is an incredibly rapid pace compared with typical SaaS, meaning you’ll likely see results and meet your goals in record time. With Skubana’s order management system in place, you can automate your most time-consuming tasks, and customize the features and integrations that best suit your needs.

What makes Skubana’s order management reporting the best one in the market?

Skubana’s order management reporting is top-of-the-line, thanks to its native, holistic view of FIFO costs, sales orders, and shipping fees. Skubana delivers a multitude of pertinent reports, including inventory value, inventory aging, SKU profitability, and demand planning. In addition, Skubana also offers an exhaustive COGS history per purchase order, which makes retroactive reviews of purchasing much more accessible for quarterly and year-end reporting.

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