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Elevating Ecommerce: Order Automation and Fulfillment
1 Hour
Elevating Ecommerce_featured

Webinar Overview & Highlights

How do operations experts from leading eCommerce brands manage the complexity of supply chain management, fulfillment, inventory (and other elements of operations) during the holidays 🎁. Learn some strategies and tips 🎯 to improve your brand's operations and keep your customers getting the products they love 💗.

Julien Plouffe, CEO/Owner, Moonglow Jewelry
Isabelle Chafkin, VP of Operations & Finance, Harper Wilde
Jeremy Horowitz, Dir. of Marketing, Daasity


Webinar Speakers
Jeremy Horowitz
Jeremy Horowitz Director of Marketing
Julien Plouffe
Julien Plouffe CEO & Owner
Moonglow Jewelry
Isabelle Chafkin
Isabelle Chafkin VP, Operations & Finance
Harper Wilde

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