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A Lesson from Skubana's CEO on E-Commerce Marketplace Selling - His Pain is Your Gain

Thank you for visiting Skubana’s E-commerce Insights Blog. This year marks an exciting milestone, as we will very shortly not only disrupt the market, but invent a categorically new breed of product: Skubana is an all-in-one cloud inventory management platform to help e-commerce marketplace sellers manage orders, inventory, products and customers in one place, all for a fraction of the cost.

Before it all began

Its been an exciting journey getting to this place. I grew up in the world of retail and spent my childhood helping my parents run a brick and mortar vacuum cleaner business. It was hard work selling vacuums to customers in a store.

I eventually took a different career path. In my early 20’s, I ventured off to work on Wall Street as a research analyst. Seeing the growth of Internet stocks and watching e-commerce flourish at rocket speed, I caught the entrepreneurial bug. I set up a store selling vacuum parts on Amazon. Over the next 5 years the business grew exponentially.

With fast growth came complexity. Selling on one marketplace quickly grew into selling on several. Being overwhelmed was a constant reality.

inventy-ecommerce-solutions-skubana 2inventory-solutions-skubana-ecommerceInventory-Pain-Points-Skubana

My inventory was in disarray and becoming hard to manage.

Fast forward….

Skubana was born from a real problem: ‘How do we manage inventory across multiple marketplaces and keep our inventory levels across all shopping channels synchronized?’ We had outgrown our entry-level shipping tool and found ourselves adding various workarounds to keep up with our e-commerce operation and fulfillment needs. Excel spreadsheets just weren’t cutting it anymore.

Like most of you, we’ve heard the same sales pitch for years from e-commerce platforms:  “We do everything from shipping labels to inventory management to post-purchase analytics.”

We’ve spent money on nearly every software out there and they all came up short:

  • Over-priced, or over-marketed
  • Not truly all in one.
  • Clunky middle-ware application that wasn’t scalable
  • Inconvenient desktop installations that were not in the cloud.

Where were the options?

Built for Sellers by Sellers

I finally had enough and reached out to my network in search of a developer to build a cloud-based, all-in-one enterprise grade e-commerce software. I partnered with DJ Kunovac, Skubana's Co-founder, who was amazed by how hard it was to find a solution to run my e-commerce business that was affordable and actually did what it claimed.

Running your e-commerce business shouldn’t be hard and costly.

As a marketplace seller, we knew there had to be a better way, so we thoughtfully designed and created Skubana with no detail overlooked. We're able to provide higher-quality, superior software at a fraction of the cost by circumventing traditional thinking, designing enterprise-grade scalable software in-house. With one-click integration to your channels and shipping providers, real-time inventory, cross channel analytics, vendor management, accounting and inventory visibility – everything can be managed from one place.

We believe that your e-commerce software system should leave you happy and allow you to spend more time leading your business, with money in your pocket.

If you’re looking to sell and thrive on Amazon (UK, CA), Amazon FBA, eBay, Sears, NewEgg, Magento, Rakuten (, Shopify, Bigcommerce and other marketplaces, you need better insights into your inventory.

We started Skubana to help you grow your business like never before.

Work Smart. Sell More.

Chad Rubin, CEO Skubana

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