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This Week in E-Commerce – Get the latest stories from Skubana

Skubana has this weeks’ latest news stories in the world of e-commerce. From the Indian market changing up policies due to rampant returns, Apple making their new Apple watch available for preorder, merchants transitioning from eBay to Amazon and more. Stay up-to-date with the following stories.

Ecommerce-Indian-MarketA Sudden Surge in Returns on the Indian Market

E-commerce firms in India have begun to crackdown on what they say is a rampant abuse of their returns policy, tracking shoppers' behaviors, blacklisting entire localities or even rating individual buyers the way Uber drivers rank their passengers.

While retailers globally allow buyers to return goods within a specified period, online marketplaces in the country are facing an unprecedented rate of wares being sent back, causing them logistical nightmares and potentially larger losses than factored in for product returns. Online shoppers in India retuned goods worth an estimated $800 million to $1 billion in the fiscal year ended March 31, according to various estimates, and the problem is threatening to become more acute with rapid industry growth. Get the latest details from The Economic Times and find out how the Indian market is changing their policies.

Amazon-Dash-ButtonIs Amazon’s Dash Button a Good Idea?

The Amazon dash button is a small, wireless-enabled button tied to a specific product. The button is in the shape of a thumb drive and when you’re running low on a product you simply press the button and it is automatically ordered, via Amazon Prime of course.

What many people thought to be an April Fools Joke at first is actually a project Amazon is working on taking another step towards the “Internet of Things.”

What does this new device mean for retail in general? Retail Dive talked to a few experts to get their opinion on both the good and the bad for Amazon’s new ease of use tech.

Apple-Watch-Top-NewsApple Watch is Backordered at Least a Month

The Apple Watch is available for preorder and in less than six hours every model has been pushed back four to six weeks. This isn’t just in the U.S.; Apples online stores in China are experiencing the same level of demand.

This is Apples first new consumer product launch in five years, and its first since the passing of Steve Jobs making it a big endeavor for the tech giant. Apple relies on their I-Phone for nearly 80% of their sales, but what could Apple watch mean for the company’s future focus. Time will tell, but one thing is certain – the future is looking brighter than ever for Apple. CNN Money has the latest updates on this new smartwatch phenomenon. 

Amazon-Ebay-Ecommerce-MerchantsAmazon Converting eBay’s Once Loyal Merchants

EBay’s once-loyal merchants are moving more of their business to Amazon saying they get more for their money by selling merchandise via the Web retailer.

Amazon’s pool of merchants climbed to more than 2 million in 2014, while the number of sellers on eBay has remained flat at about 25 million in the past two years. Businesses that at first set up online storefronts on eBay say they’re surprised how quickly sales surge on Amazon once products appear on both sites.

A larger user base, and multiple ways of shipping products could pose the biggest threat to eBay loosing even more merchants in the future. BloombergBusiness has full coverage on the latest transitions between the two retailers.

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