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This Week in E-Commerce - Latest Trends and Insights from Skubana

Another week has come to pass in the world of e-commerce and Skubana has the top news stories you need. Stay up-to-date on the latest topics from the next big global market to emerge to Facebook getting heavily involved in the e-commerce world.

Facebook-Message-App-EcommerceFacebook is Going All In On E-Commerce

Facebook has announced it will be launching a new program called, "Businesses on Messenger" that allows companies to interact directly with customers through Facebook's messenger app. This could prove to be quite interesting for both consumers and businesses. Customers could potentially receive order notifications, and possibly buy direct through the app making the purchasing experience that much easier. This could be just what Facebook needs to get into the wide world of retail. Facebook's messenger app has a recorded 600 million active users making for a very impressive audience for sellers to interact with. It's still early in the process, but expect big things from Facebook when it comes to the future of e-commerce. Check out Forbes for the up-to-date information. 

Amazon-Unlimited-Data-EcommerceAmazon is Offering Unlimited Data Storage for Consumers

This week Amazon has announced it will be offering consumers unlimited data storage for the low-price of $59.99 a year. It was a year ago that Amazon added storage perks to its Prime services and it looks like they are taking further steps into the data storage business with this low-cost solution. Amazon looks to target consumers on multiple devices providing a seamless experience for their storage needs. With this new announcement pressure has certainly been put on Dropbox, Google and Mircrosoft who have to now adjust in order to stay competitive. Ecommerce Times weighs the pros and cons of this announcement and what it could mean for the future of data.

Ecommerce-Global-NumbersE-Commerce Sales are Only Going Up

It's no secret that when it comes to e-commerce sales things are looking good. Global e-commerce sales reached $1.316 trillion dollars in 2014, up 22.2% from 2013. If these past two years are an indication of anything sales will continue to rise and consumers will continue to shop online at an incredible rate. E-commerce is here to stay and with the rise in numbers comes the rise in competition as more companies get involved in the online market. Get the latest numbers and insights into the e-commerce world as well as the strategies to help your business grow. Huff Post Business has you covered.

Amazon-Expedia-Hotel-BookingsAmazon vs. Expedia?

For some time, Amazon has let hotels unload their unbooked inventory by offering steep discounts on rooms through its Amazon Local app. But now, Amazon is expanding its service to include ongoing booking of rooms at published rates — edging further into the realm of online travel giant Expedia.

Expedia CEO Dara Khorowshahi on Amazon getting into the hotel booking market, "It’s a big business — this is a trillion-dollar global industry. It’s a really attractive industry. It’s always been competitive. So we welcome Amazon to the party, so to speak. It’s a business that has been growing really, really well, so it’s no wonder that other companies are looking at it.”

Does Amazon know no bounds when it comes to the world of e-commerce? Get the latest info on Amazons latest venture with Geek Wire. 

Global-Ecommerce-Market-GrowthWhere's the Next Big E-Commerce Market?

It's no secret that the Chinese and Indian markets are two of the the fastest growing in the world. But, there seems to be a third market on the horizon that will be boasting tremendous growth as well in the coming years. The six major economies of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will soon become an international focus for all things e-commerce. Online retail revenues among the six nations comprising ASEAN are expected to rise to $34.5 billion by 2018 from $7 billion in 2013. This is huge growth for a market that hasn't been seeing its fair share of the spotlight. CNBC has the latest news and numbers for this soon to be hot market. 

Adidas-Ecommerce-MarketingAdidas is Ramping Up its E-Commerce Marketing

This week Adidas unveiled a five year plan to boost brand awareness with an increased focus on its e-commerce offerings. Their latest strategy called, "Creating the New" is aimed at accelerating growth through speed, cities and open source.

By aiming to reduce production lead times, Adidas aims to increase their e-commerce business to above 2 billion by 2020. The company also plans on focusing growth efforts for several major cities around the globe, including New York and Los Angeles. This is big news for the multinational sports manufacturer as they're taking their e-commerce game up a notch.

Get the full details on Adidas latest strategy straight from Marketing Interactive.

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