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Top News Stories from Skubana - This Week in E-Commerce

Check out this weeks latest insights and stories for all things e-commerce. From major investments in the logistics world to the newest App services. Skubana has the latest info you need all in one place. Further Breaks Down its Discounts

It’s no secret that e-commerce startup plans on taking on Amazon. They continue to be quite the buzzword in the e-commerce world having already raised $220 million in funding with plans on launching in Spring of 2015. How does it plan on doing this? The short version: If something cuts costs, customers will get a discount — and that includes how they pay. This week the company made a presentation to potential merchants further laying out their plans for the future. It’ll certainly be a new way for customers to shop online and PYMNTS has the full story.

Lyft-ECommerce-LogisticsJapan’s Top E-Commerce is Backing Lyft

Japan’s third-richest man, Hiroshi Mikitani, chief executive officer of Rakuten Inc. has announced he will be investing $300 million dollars into Lyft – the San Francisco based transportation network. This investment is just the latest deal for Mikitani’s push to build holdings outside of Japan. It’s too early to see what the investment could mean for Lyft, but investors seem pleased with the potential future growth. Bloomberg Business has all the latest info for this huge investment.

Etsy-IPO-NewsLatest Info on Etsy Going Public

Etsy, the friendly online marketplace for artists, collectors, and crafters, filed for an initial public offering looking to raise $100 million. According to a 2014 Etsy survey, 86 percent of its American sellers are female and 95 percent of all sellers operate from home. Seller’s range from hobbyists to professional merchants, but 76 percent consider their Etsy shop to be a business. With 1.4 million active sellers the company believes that its unique products and artisan reputation will help it compete against mass merchandisers such as Amazon and Alibaba. Practical Ecommerce has the full details on the potential IPO.

Uber-Lawsuit-EcommerceUber and Lyft Fail to Convince Judge their Employees are ‘Contractors’

Uber and Lyft face separate lawsuits seeking class-action status in San Francisco, brought on behalf of drivers who contend they are employees and entitled to reimbursement for expenses, including gas and vehicle maintenance. The drivers currently pay those costs themselves. These findings against the two car-ride services could greatly raise costs as they would have to provide social security, worker’ compensation, and unemployment insurance. The verdict of this lawsuit will have huge implications for other Silicon Valley "sharing economy" firms and the latest updates can be found on Business Insider

Logistics-Shyp-ReturnsHate Dealing with Returns? There’s an App for that

Nowadays you can just about outsource anything and now that includes the annoying task of returning online orders. Companies like ShypPostmates and Shipster have taken the initiative to doing the task for consumers for a low-cost. Consumers can save time and effort by having their product picked up, packaged and shipped all from their smartphone. What could this mean for your e-commerce? It certainly makes customers more willing to purchase knowing there’s no more hassle of returning orders anymore. Money Magazine’s writer Cybele tried the service out for herself and here are the results.

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