The Latest E-Commerce News & Best Practices to Fuel Your Holiday Profits

Written by Chad Rubin | Nov 20, 2015 9:07:00 PM

We're happy to bring you the top e-commerce news & best practices for the week of November 15th to 21st. Help fuel your holiday profits in 2015 by making smarter decisions.

Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday sales are estimated to reach $630 billion in the United States alone. Now e-commerce marketers are scrambling in order to increase sales and take full advantage. Feeling the pressure? Use these 5 last-minute Black Friday & Cyber Monday marketing tips to increase sales on the fly. Featuring PracticalEcommerce.

Battle of the Shipping Carriers 

We all know the big three - UPS, USPS & FedEx. However, did you know if you do your research and pick the right carrier for your e-commerce business you could increase your profits by 40%? Discover the pros & cons of these major shipping carriers and how the right decision can greatly impact your company's future. With eCommerce Fuel

This is What You Need for Success This Holiday Season

Happy to feature Neil Patel as he discusses the key elements you need to focus on in order for your e-commerce business to have an incredibly successful holiday season. From optimizing your checkout process to utilizing the right product descriptions - these are often overlooked steps that will tremendously hurt your profits if left unattended. Ask yourself, Is your e-commerce site ready for the holidays? Courtesy of Forbes.

The President and Alibaba?

During the Asia-Pacific summit President Obama took time to interview internet billionaire Jack Ma of Alibaba. With Alibaba's huge international expansion, including into the United States, the one on one interview seemed appropriate to further discuss the relationship between government & business. For further details into the interview check out Reuters.

Your Weekly Distractions

Funny Stuff: Everything you need to know about the new Harry Potter theme park. 16 magical ways to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. (Delicious) Lastly, which new Adele song are you?

What to Watch: Zoolander 2 trailer is here! The Skubana office just can't get enough of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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Work Smart. Sell More. Enjoy Your Weekend!