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Need to Know Top E-Commerce News & Insights - Work Smart. Sell More.

Here are the top e-commerce news stories & insights for the week of October 18th to the 24th. Enjoy.

What Holidays KPIs Are You Tracking?


What do you need for a successful holiday season? You need to get people onto your site, get them to make a purchase, and then get them to buy more. Simple right?  PracticalEcommerce has a nice breakdown of what KPIs you should be looking for to have an incredible Q4.


Twitter Aims to Push Mobile Commerce Further


Twitter announced “Publish” and “Curator” a set of new tools to organize tweets for your business. So now, Publishers can collect their tweets to put on websites without additional embed codes. And additionally, along with an in-app store button, Twitter plans on making a more business friendly environment. E-Commerce Times has the latest on Twitter's new social media marketplace.

Time Machine Taxi Service


In celebration of “Back to the Future Day,” the not-so-prophetic glimpse of October 21st 2015 that the film depicted we would live in, Lyft provided rides in NYC with DeLoreans! Not only is this an awesome sight to see, but an incredibly creative marketing tactic to push consumers toward LyftWant the full story? Check out Huffington Post.

Do You A/B Test Bro? 


If you want to optimize your conversions as much as possible you NEED to A/B test. Crazy things is a lot of e-commerce businesses don't do this. Crazy Egg has 6 simple steps you should follow to set up the appropriate objectives & analytics you need to start converting customers like a boss.


Fun Stuff: 12 Ways to Unlock Your Inner Bill Murray. Which famous television boss are you?

What to Watch: GREAT SCOTT! Thank you Jimmy Kimmel. So the X-Files are coming back, that's pretty awesome.

Recent Reads: 3 Holiday Retail Trends Entrepreneurs Need to Consider. 4 Steps to Winning Customers on Trust & Convenience this Holiday Season. Why You Need to Stop Worrying About Profits & Start Worrying About Cashflow.

The Full Scoop: You people have read all of this so far? Sheesh go out and enjoy your weekend. Just kidding. Thanks for taking the time to catch up on this weeks top e-commerce news & trends. For more insight into your business check out Skubana. We can unify your entire business all on the cloud for a fraction of what those other people charge. Do it, you know you want to.

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