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Written by Chad Rubin | Oct 17, 2015 5:22:00 PM

The latest e-commerce news? We've got you covered as always. Here is the essential e-commerce insights & updates you need for the week of October 11th to the 17th. Enjoy.

Startup Geeks Weigh In On Jet

We all know has killed its membership fee, but what does this actually mean for the company? What you're about to read is a group chat involving startup tech engineers and how they honestly feel about the Amazon challengers decision. Some of these insights about Jet are quite funny. Thanks Quartz

Walmart Projects HUGE Revenue Decline

After pouring billions of dollars into their e-commerce initiatives Walmart has projected a near 6% to 12% decrease for 2017. In the meantime they've recently suffered their biggest stock decline in 15 years with a $20 billion dollar loss in market value. Was investing in e-commerce a bad bet for Walmart? ZDNet has the latest numbers.

Amazon 1-Hour Prime

Amazon's 1-Hour Prime service is booming in about 15 cities now, recently in the Houston area. As it is quickly spreading, consumers are excited to utilize these 1-hour services for emergency items such as diapers and wipes when new parents cannot leave their homes. Our question is, how will this affect local businesses? The Houston Chronicle has the latest announcement.

Reinventing Local Shipping

Similarly to Amazon's 1-hour prime, Shopify announced their partnership with Uber for their UberRUSH program. With UberRUSH, Shopify merchants have the option to provide their consumers same day delivery for their products. This will certainly increase the 'last minute compulsive' online shopping mentality for a lot of customers.

Facebook Improves its Mobile Commerce to Make Shopping Easier

Facebook has added some new features that improves mobile ads. One of these features, called Canvas, the transition from clicking on a Facebook ad to the actual purchase will become entirely seamless. Instead of annoying browser loads, consumers could now view and read up on the product straight from the ad on Facebook before visiting the merchant's site. E-commerce Times has the latest on Facebooks e-commerce integration.

The Best Stuff Ever!

Funny Stuff: Throwing a Halloween Party? This is what you need to CRUSH it! Which random character from 30 Rock are you?

What to Watch: This bulldog really doesn't like to exercise. Back to the Future in 2015? Just watch.

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