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Direct to Everywhere®

Whether you utilize your own warehouses, 3PL's, dropshippers, or FBA fulfillment centers, Skubana manages every single unit and synchronizes it with every channel you sell on with pinpoint accuracy and unmatched speed.


Essential Multichannel Inventory Features

True inventory count

Your product database as it truly exists

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Multi-warehouse inventory

In-House Fulfillment, 3PL, Drop–Ship, and FBA in one location.

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Over/underselling prevention

Management and rules on a per sales channel basis

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Maintain a true inventory count

Maintain a true overall inventory count in one location by building your product database as they truly exist in your warehouses regardless of how they sell.
With each listing SKU that sells, regardless of sales channel, Skubana properly deduct inventory from the master SKU. Automatic Inventory Updates: With each change in inventory value, Skubana will automatically send inventory updates to sales channels in 15 minutes intervals.

These days, we help customers at all stages of growth
Pre-launch Companies
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Marketplace Sellers
Multi-warehouse inventory

Prevent underselling and overselling inventory by managing multiple warehouses including In-House Fulfillment, 3PL, Drop–Ship, and FBA in one location. Connect in 1-click to your 3PL or drop-shipper FTP server. Set run times to automatically import inventory and shipment details and export orders.
Exclude warehouse inventory from showing on a per master SKU basis. Exclude your FBA warehouse from showing to your other sales channels for that SKU.* Share FBA Inventory with FBM Listings so you don’t miss out on orders or undersell by placing your inventory in one listing. Share your FBA Inventory to your merchant fulfilled listings.

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