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E-Commerce News You Just Can't Miss

Psyched for the weekend? Before you run off to see  Zac Brown Band (we're actually doing this, don't judge us) or go see the Jets play the Falcons (we're doing this also, be jealous), check out this week's e-commerce news.

Twitter Expands its Ad Program

twitter-e-commerce-newsThe Twitter Audience Platform is coming. Twitter is unveiling their new advertising platform in an attempt to help marketers push their campaigns beyond the reach of the social media site. With more than 700 million people on Twitter, the goal is to help the advertisers recognize unparalleled success. Only time will tell if Twitters new platform can keep up with Facebook’s advertising push. Check out the particulars on Twitter's Blog.

College Student Job Marketplace Rebrands

In an attempt to squash confusion caused by its name, Campus Job has rebranded itself as WayUp. The Y Combinator top-e-commerce-news-college-job-searchgraduate, which has raised more than $9 million in funding, strives to simplify the job hunt for college students looking for internships and part-time jobs. The hope is that by changing the name, it will prevent any misunderstanding about what types of jobs are available and stop people from messing up their name. Check out the latest details via Tech Crunch.


Target Becoming More Spot On With Deliveries

top-e-commerce-news-target-logisticsConsumers hate waiting for their online purchases to arrive. To meet consumers' needs for quick delivery times, Target will be rolling out a new program in the fall called "available to promise". The goal is to provide a more precise delivery time and improve customer satisfaction. To do so, the company will provide an email that will narrow down when ones packages will be delivered. For a complete rundown of the specifics, check out Fortunes summary of the new shipping program.

E-Commerce Responsible For Walmart's Growth

In a period when consumers are going to stores less and less, Walmart is finding that e-commerce is their way to top-e-commerce-news-walmart-online-growthincrease sales. Walmart saw a 16% increase in e-commerce sales in the past quarter. With such improvements, it just shows how much the companies technology investments have paid off. Walmart will need to continue to improve their e-commerce product as more consumers stray away from brick-and-mortar storefronts. To find out more specifics on Walmart's most recent quarter, check out PYMNTS report.

Amazon Employees Speak Up

top-e-commerce-news-amazon-worklifeThe internet has been abuzz this week over an article written about what it is like to work at Amazon. The New York Times published an article on Monday discussing the relentless work environment that exists at Amazon. Employees who remained anonymous in the article, detailed the grueling conditions in which they witnessed countless people cry in the office. For the complete story visit the New York Times scathing post.


The Ashlee Madison Mess Continues

More bad news has befallen Ashlee Madison customers. The company is designed to help people cheat on their e-commerce-news-ashley-madisionsignificant others anonymously, but last month hackers stole the account information of 37 million subscribers. The hackers wanted Ashlee Madison and Establish Men, another "dating" website owned by Avid Life Media, to be taken down or they would release the information. Since Avid Life refused to take action, the hackers have released the information and their customers are now running in fear. To get better acquainted with the story, check out the E-Commerce Times review.

Now To The Real Gems:

Fun Things: The anti-Disneyland has arrived, it's official John Cena is truly the man (Hustle, Loyalty and Respect), and boxing meets ultimate fighting in the women's UFC Octagon.

What We’re Watching: The cutest family of bears go for a swim and play on the swings. Matt Damon's second stranded astronaut movie released its first trailer - it looks.....meh.

Recent Reads: The Greek prime minister throws in the towel, Amazon changes the game for Chinese sellers in the U.S., and Uber leaks plans for IPO in the future.

Friendly Reminder: Skubana is working hard every day to grow and add new features to increase the productivity of your e-commerce. Let our growth and progress fuel your success. We want to see you succeed.

Work Smart. Sell More and go get ready for your fantasy football league. We've already got our office league setup! Thanks for checking out this weeks' e-commerce review.

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