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Making Amazon's Advantage Your Advantage
1 Hour
WBR - 2020-02-20 - Making Amazons Advantage Your Advantage

Webinar Overview & Highlights

Amazon is the most popular sales channel on Earth, yet some brands are dropping off the retail site because it has become unprofitable to sell there. How can modern Amazon sellers thrive in an ecosystem that is burdened with higher fees, cheap competition from abroad, and fragmented operational systems?In this webinar co-hosted by Teikametrics and Skubana, we’ll dive deep on critical considerations for brands looking to make Amazon their strongest sales channel.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • The Truths Behind the Myths - Debunking the most common myths about selling on Amazon

  • Five Strategies to Optimize Your Brand Experience on Amazon

  • How to capitalize on Amazon’s traffic by enhancing listings

  • How to Have the Best of Both Worlds

  • Attracting Amazon shoppers using your most popular SKUs

Webinar Speakers
Chad Rubin22-Dec-09-2021-01-37-36-11-PM
Chad Rubin CEO & Co-Founder
Kelsey Robb
Kelsey Robb E-Comm Strategy Lead

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