3PL Central Rebrands as Extensiv

Written by Andy Lloyd | May 23, 2022 4:00:00 PM

A little over a year ago, 3PL Central embarked on a journey to fundamentally improve the experience of managing a brand’s ecommerce fulfillment lifecycle. At the time, we held a few core beliefs:

    • brands need to be able to build more dynamic and adaptable fulfillment strategies,
    • rising consumer expectations mean 3PLs are going to become increasingly important to the success of brands,
    • the software that multi-channel sellers have been using historically is a burden on their growth.

We knew the sophisticated capabilities of the Skubana platform and its talented team would be an important part of building this next-generation solution. 

Today we see over a year’s worth of hard work by our team pay off as we publicly launch the Extensiv brand. This new brand represents a new chapter, where the capabilities of Skubana, 3PL Central, Scout, and CartRover will be unified under a single brand to offer a robust platform that can support the growth of merchants from day one to when they are processing hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions. Best of all, we expect merchants can do this without the painful systems migrations that are all too familiar to rapidly growing brands.  

What changes can you expect? 

In the near term, each of our products will retain its original branding but will call out its connection to Extensiv in its logo. As the year progresses, we will deeply integrate the technology, unify the login experience across products, and rebrand everything as Extensiv. By the end of the year, we will phase out the old branding, and our products and websites will operate entirely under the Extensiv brand. 

This will improve your experience in a multitude of ways: 

    • For those of you considering Scout (Extensiv Warehouse Manager) for your warehouse management and barcode scanning needs, this means a streamlined workflow and easier adoption from a single login.
    • All your CartRover (Extensiv Integration Manager) integrations will be accessible from the new Extensiv Hub, which will be the entry point to the unified experience.
    • For those of you that work with fulfillment providers running 3PL Warehouse Manager, access to your 3PL’s system will also be available from a single login.

Our goal as Extensiv is both simple and extremely ambitious. We want companies to begin their online journey with us and seamlessly adopt more and more of our capabilities quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. We want to eliminate the painful software migrations that are today’s reality and allow you to focus on your brand, your products, and driving sales. 

One of our biggest goals is to help brands avoid the pitfalls of adopting systems, like enterprise resource planning (ERP), that look good on the surface but cost a fortune and ultimately stifle innovation. Even the cloud-native ERPs like NetSuite are built on the same monolithic approach that was used for on-premise deployment in the 1990s. Simply put, companies operating on an ERP system lack the agility and ability to experiment to compete in today’s fast-moving omnichannel world. We are building a better way. 

Make no mistake; it will take us a while to realize this vision. In fact, we’ll probably never be done. But we are committed to creating the future of omnichannel fulfillment and will not rest until we get there.  

Where can you learn more about Extensiv? 

If you want to learn more, please read our press release, visit the Extensiv website, or reach out to your customer success manager.