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3PL Central Acquires CartRover

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Earlier this year, 3PL Central acquired both Skubana and Scout topshelf to help our customers build more robust and adaptable omnichannel fulfillment strategies. In continuing that mission, 3PL Central has acquired CIO Technologies, a specialist in building software solutions to meet the needs of brands and 3PLs doing ecommerce fulfillment. The company offers two products, CartRover, an innovative commerce integration platform, and CIO Direct, a warehouse management system built specifically for third-party logistics companies.

CartRover is the leading platform to connect order sources, such as shopping carts and ecommerce platforms, to order destinations, usually warehouse or order management systems. By bridging these disparate systems, CartRover will further allow Skubana and Scout topShelf customers to effortlessly integrate those systems with one of the 100+ ecommerce shopping carts they support. Following this acquisition, CartRover will continue to support all its current platforms and plans to continue extending its capabilities.

Almost half of Skubana customers use CartRover to integrate to additional sales channels and build more adaptable fulfillment strategies. In addition to supporting a broad array of shopping carts, CartRover supports all the leading marketplaces. This capability enables merchants to add new connections in minutes, allowing them to experiment with new marketplaces with limited effort and investment. Further, their support for dozens of fulfillment providers and warehouse management systems means customers will be able to utilize Skubana's advanced order routing rules to support increasingly sophisticated fulfillment strategies.

3PL Central is committed to investing in CartRover and accelerating its growth. As part of 3PL Central, the business will add to its development team and invest in better supporting its customers, starting by doubling the size of its product team. The investment will allow them to add more advanced features faster and ensure they have the infrastructure to scale as their customer base grows. CartRover already supports integrations to 3PL Warehouse Manager and Skubana and will soon add support for Scout topShelf.

We believe that our combined technologies will help our customers better solve the steep challenges they face today. Consumers, merchants, and third-party fulfillment warehouses are all dealing with increasing ecommerce demand, shipping costs, and consumer expectations for next-day or two-day shipping at a minimal cost. The only way to meet consumer expectations is to build fulfillment networks close enough to the end consumer to minimize shipping costs and time to delivery while offering the technology infrastructure to intelligently route those orders to the right place at the right time. We're building this for the future of a vertically integrated supply chain that creates a seamless ecommerce experience from the shopping cart to the warehouse floor.

For those of you that are CartRover customers or considering the platform, you can rest easy. In the near term, CartRover will continue to operate as an independent product and will be available whether you are a 3PL Central, Skubana, or Scout topshelf customer. Further, they will continue to expand their support for order destinations and fulfillment software. Over time, we will more tightly integrate them with our product set, but we intend to continue to support the merchants, 3PLs, and software providers they support today.

If you are interested in learning how CartRover can support your business, please visit their website today at

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